I hung up the phone.

The glitter of sunset smothered my whole body

as I’d made a decision to go on a trip to Tasmania.

It’s my first time to splash money on a tour and I was kind of excited.

Before, I’ve already heard lots of TAS but I never made up my mind to go there.

How to say…?

Sometimes, it would be more beautiful if one cannot ever reach it.

For this reason, I’ve been missing a lot of things

and I could never choose directly what I like most.

What if it’s not as good as I think?

I’m afraid of it all the time and remain hesitating about what I really dream of.

It’s hard to battle with yourself and the outcome always causes destruction to both sides

-- you and yourself definitely.

It’s Gina’s invitation that pushed me to begin a practical plan of this trip,

but she turned out to be absent because of her new schedule.

Plans never catch up changes, isn’t it?

However, I was still expecting for it eagerly.

‘What would happen anyway?’ I wondered.

It was a moment that I’ve got used to my job.

Muscle or strength has been strong enough to please the customers.

A 10-day long break would have some negative impact on my performance, I knew.

But it would worth it, I thought.


In fact, now I’m a bit hazy about what to write.

To say it frankly, I was kind of vague during this trip.

The scenery came into my eyes, slipped through my mind.

Perhaps I know the reason but I’m not sure if I should write down it.

It’s hard to describe by words. And I feel confused.   

I don’t realize the meaning of this trip for me until I finish the article.

Let’s start.

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