What should I supposed to do to find the Milky River?

I raised my head looking around. Where was it?

I saw the Southern Cross and tried to find out Antares of the Scorpio,

the red jewel set within the Milky Way.

But which one was it? There were so many stars in the sky!

Countless and Countless of them were shining.


No one replied.

Well, none of us was good at astronomy.^^”

Watching starry sky and listening to boys tell the constellation stories

were what we were exactly good at.

It seemed to none of us could  either remember the whole stories

or be able to position the constellations.

That’s fine. I cudgeled all my brains trying to find any clues of it.

'Come on, I must know something about it.'

Yeah, here it came.

I recalled once in Taipei Planetarium I did learn how to locate Scorpio

through the “teapot”—the eight brightest stars in Sagittarius,

spewing stream in the form of Milky Way star clouds.

And Scorpio was just on its right side.

So where was Alpha Scorpii?

I looked over the sky carefully and finally found it--

a red supergiant gleaming redly at the scorpion's heart.

Just like a sparkling pink diamond, it’s full of magic beauty.

And then my thought was wandering back to my childhood:

I was around 4 years old  and lying down on a bench in the courtyard

watching the glittering Milky Way,

not knowing much of this world but always curious all of it.

I still remembered this beautiful moment.

Hold infinite in the palm of your hand. And Eternity in an hour.

The utter innocence had once belonged to me indeed,

but at this very moment I could hardly find even the tiniest trace of it inside.

Was I still the one?

Just setting aside all the negative thoughts

and immersing myself in the tranquil beauty,

I knew I would find out a clear answer.

Meteor! Suddenly someone yelled.

‘Quick! Make a wish!’

Was I in time? My heart was beating fast.

I cross my heart and wish it could come true.

Once was not enough and some of us didn’t see the meteor

by their own eyes, so we decided to stay longer.

When you sat on the rock by the lake in the night, especially in winter time,

you would have a strong impulse to nestle up to something warm,

for instance, a bosom.

The hunger for body heat made us lean on each other.

Under the starlight, we sat down for quite a while without saying a word,

and I felt some throbs of desire stirring my heart.

What a beautiful night…

It’s time to go back to the cabin,

and I took another look at the starry night fondly before leaving.

I would remember this forever.

And I hoped my dream could really come true one day.

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