What was the best way to hang out on Friday night?

How about going for a night cycling?

Now that Van has asked me out for a ride, I put on my cycling gear and went out.

Although I've heard of this route before, I didn't even try to visit there.

If someone asked me the reason, I thought it might be because of inertia or something like that.

Or I just haven't got used to all these new environments of Taipei...

My mind still remained in the past when I was with my friends in Hsinchu.
Maybe I was kind of reluctant to change my way of living, I thought.

That's why I kept my heart closed and seldom, if ever, let it open.

If life is a book, I myself am the only primary writer of my life book.

I could hardly imagine the scene that someone writes the book together with me.

Would I lose freedom if I let someone come in and be the writer of the book?

I don't know.

It might happen or not; one could never know the consequences exactly until it happened already.

Maybe I should take the risk?

I'm not sure. 

It's rare for me to accept that kind of invitation.

The air was full of a certain ambiguous atmosphere for staying with each other in the deep of night.


Beneath the words lay thousands of thoughts.

Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach you.

I didn't want to think too much; I just wanna make it simple.

Just rode it.

An image flashed across my mind. It's the light in your eyes...

I was not a normal girl, so you didn't need to worry about me whether I could follow you pace or not.

When you said, "The road ahead would be kind of steep,

 you could dismount and walk for this section of the road if it's too steep for you."

"Only when the road condition is bad or extremely precipitous do I dismount and walk.

 In regular conditions, I can handle with it. Don't worry," I smiled and replied.

Well, it did be kind of steep, I thought, after finally reaching the destination.

The night view was glorious, way beyond my expectations.

"What a glittering view it is," I admired.

In front of me was the whole Taipei city adorned with countless of sparkling lights.

I have never seen such a beautiful Taipei city...

That's really nice. Thanks for sharing with me all of this.

And a warm feeling tugged at my heartstrings.

However, I didn't want that much to be involved in a couple relationship.

I didn't wanna go through it again.

The dejection and the shadow have frightened me for such a long time.

I'm afraid of love, because it involves things that are beyond our understanding;

it sheds such a brilliant light, but the shadow it casts frightened me.

You have not persuaded me yet.


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