weary sb with requests


You’ll soon weary of living abroad.


The pleasure of idleness soon cloys.


Let me be quite candid with you: your work is not good enough.


There is no room for sentiment in business.


I don’t relish having to get up so early.


Late again, Richard? What’s your alibi this time?


Don’t meddle in my affairs.


Stop twittering!


Stop all this fuss and get on with your work.


come back to earth


Don’t take on so!


Get off your backside and do some work!


Don’t get into a fuss about nothing.


Don’t quote my words out of context.


Don’t butt in like that when I’m speaking.


I detest people complaining.


I don’t like being talked at.

*She is always harping on the same old things.


a young mother gushing over a baby


His tuneless whistling jarred on my nerves.


The roar of city traffic is a steady assault on one’s nerves.


Don’t whinge.


It’s silly to quarrel over trifles.


I don’t want to freak you out.


The whole affair is very perplexing.


Stop posing and tell us what you really think.


Don’t shuffle: give us a clear answer.


An awkward silence followed.


Throughout the conversation he remained silent and aloof.


His indifference was a fuel to her hatred.


She brushed him off impatiently.


She heaped scorn upon him.


He had no qualms about concealing the information from the police.


He’s a bit of a philanderer don’t take him too seriously.


She overlooked his rudeness and tried to pretend nothing had happened.


She fetched him a terrific slap in the face.


The slap she gave him made his cheek tingle.


She snubbed them by not replying to their invitation.


You are a confounded nuisance. Stop pestering me.


Drink brings out the beast in him.


emboldened by drink




a facile remark


a facile speaker


a hoax phone call


I was hoaxed into believing their story.


be drawn into someone else’s complex personal issues


a nasty smell, taste, sight




the salesman’s synthetic friendliness


I don’t like his offhand manner.


It peeves me to be ordered out of my own house.


You can’t have a complete monopoly of the car – I need to use it occasionally.


Mom let us go to the party, but when it came to staying overnight, she put her foot down firmly.

*Perhaps Wicca had overstepped the bounds of her power.


sneak a chocolate from the box


She sneaked on her best friend to the teacher. 


She then claimed she was wronged.


She needed someone to listen to her tale of woe.


The driver was slanging a pedestrian who had got in his way.


He vented his anger on his long-suffering wife.


vent one’s spleen on sb


Anne is easily ruffled by awkward questions.


a blaze of anger/ passion/ temper


speechless with fury


sever relations with sb


We loathe each other, yet we seem doomed constantly to meet.


He thinks he can make friends by splashing his money around.


an awkward customer




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