His hand accidentally brushed against hers.


She used all her lures to attract his attention.


She was sitting in a highly provocative pose.


That jumper sets off the blue of her eyes.


a peach-and-cream complexion


She always has an entourage of admiring you men.


He is one of her many conquests.


He was bewitched by her beauty.


She could charm the birds from the trees.


the poise of the body, head


He was charmed by her vivacity and high spirits.


blow good luck kisses

*a charming man/ a fascinating voice, glimpse/ a bewitching smile/ a glamour boy


He held her in a warm embrace.


hold sb to one’s bosom


She caressed his hand.


The lover kissed and cuddled on the sofa.


They decided to shack up together in his flat.


It was destined that they would marry.


Meeting you here like this is positively surreal!


She’s been in a trance all day – I think she’s in love.


She went to meet him with an air of expectancy.


poke at her partner’s paunch


tickle sb in the ribs


the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach


a passionate kiss, lover, relationship


a prepossessing smile, manner, child


a fond look, gesture, embrace


amorous looks, letters, poetry, experiences


gazing amorously into her eyes


exquisite joy, happiness


be in/ go into/ be thrown into ecstasy (over sth)


exquisite sensibility


the communion of heart with heart


a congenial companion

*She warmed her face against Lorens’ jacket. It was a moment of great plenitude.


a heart-warming reunion, gesture, gift


A flicker of interest soon turned into the burning flames of desire.


strip to the waist




heavy (ie. passionate) petting


play upon sb’s heart-stings


He is my heart-throbe.


You’ll be forced to follow this impulse in spite of yourself.


She’s infatuated by his good looks.


Her interest in him is primarily sexual.


This is only a passing infatuation, not to be taken too seriously.


She regarded him closely, intently, curiously.


feelings that have been pent up for too long


dam up one’s feelings


a riot of emotion


The child snuggled up to her mother.


in a frenzy of zeal, enthusiasm, hate.


She felt smothered with kindness.


He tried to kiss her but she fended him off.


He had to smother a giggle.


smother a child with kisses


a solicitous husband


You can compel obedience, but no affection.


When it comes to love, all normative rules are broken.


He felt something akin to pity.


It’s wrong of you to trifle with her affections.


have, pay, show little regard for the feelings of others


rivals in love


exquisite pain, agony


a jilted lover = a cast-off lover

*Love is a barren place.


She saw his face through a mist of tears.


Why did you split up?


the water of oblivion


She brushed past him.


unrequited passion


He tried without success to dismiss her memory from his thoughts.


smile, gesture vaguely


utter a sigh, cry of pain


She waited for him to invite her to dance, not wishing to seem bold.


fumble for the right thing to say


with pursed lips


Don’t hurt her feelings she bruises very easily.


My heart is still very tender where it was bruised.


the dying embers of a former passion

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